No Money No Driving Licence

Here’s a good one from the summer!  You will have to google translate it though. Normally the call is of the form “No access No money”.

The centre-left partner of Germany (SPD), which is in the governing coalition with Angela Merkel (CDU) provides the Justice Minister, Family & Women Minister and the Deputy Chancellor positions has come up with an idea that all three of them support and wish to pass into law – as if they haven’t got anything better to do  with their time.

If a father refuses to pay child maintenance, then he should have his driving licence suspended until he pays. <cue sarcasm>Well this is really going to help him paying back the isn’t it!

Yes we all should pay our child maintenance. But there is already an ‘excellent’ mechanism in place in Germany. If a parent does not pay the right amount a judge decides based on what is being earned. If the parent doesn’t pay then he orders that a Titel be obtained. This is an official order that gives the custodial parent the right to go to a court appointed bailiff and have all accounts of the other parent blocked, as well as his wages at his/her place of work!  No real need for any additional sanctions.

Note that applying to the judge to settle these matters gets you an appointment in court much much quicker than anything to do with visiting rights or custody. What a surprise eh?

P.S. Who is for a law that requires the absent parent to receive a regular breakdown of what the custodial parent spends the child maintenance on? Just kidding – that will never happen in my lifetime at least!

Ref.: Article in die Zeit


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