I am an entsorgter Vater (Disposed of father) living in Munich, Germany. I was born in the North West of England 53 years ago. I split from my wife in 2009 and since then she has managed to turn the children against me through the tricks of a trade known as Parental Alienation.

I tried up until last summer to stop what she was doing and to gain a respectable level of access to my children that live 100 km away. I failed.

The German court system let me know in no uncertain terms that when my boys of 14 and 12 years of age “do not want to see me”, there is no legal redress apart from applying for sole custody, which of course I would never get.

There are many reasons for writing this blog, mainly to help others not make the mistakes I made, and to pass on life-saving tips others have given me. But also to share articles and stories of others trapped in this world to show that we – the collateral damage of the family court system – are not alone.

Perhaps my only blood relatives will read this blog someday, and start to form their own opinion of me, their father …