Pain is the Point of Parental Alienation

A very emotive post from a father that has lost his children to PA. Describing how it is possible for one person to do this out of pure spite, and with the intention of destroying the other parent – causing pain.

It hurt to read this, and if you have no idea of what abused parents have gone through please read this – it is a real eye-opener.




via No More Secrets And Lies: Pain is the Point of Parental Alienation

Baker: Parental Alienation Is Emotional Abuse of Children

Here is an article I found recently from an acknowledged expert in PA. We can all google “parental alienation” and get the same results. But this is really worth reading, for it spells out in a scientific journal the truth we all know, but hardly anyone believes:

Parental Alienation is Child Abuse.

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Updated research: Adult Children of Parental Alienation

Interesting article about the ‘Adult children of PAS’ updated recently.

It details the background of how the PA came into being, but also goes into some of the research carried out on the effects when the children become adults.

This is the saddest part:

At the same time the awareness of the alienation led to a greater degree of conflict in their relationship with the alienating parent.

This statement alone should lead to an overhaul of the family law system in several countries.

Children need both parents.

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Shared parenting in Kentucky

Well if you have managed to open the article after the incredibly bored headline …

Coming hot on the heels of the report about the German Liberal Party supporting shared parenting, the US state of Kentucky has passed a resolution to:

What House Bill 492 does is it basically states that walking into the courtroom each parent has the presumption of 50/50 shared custody to start with.

So until permanent custody is settled,  shared parenting is (apart from cases where the child is endangered) mandatory.

Though what is really interesting are the voting figures: The bill passed 97-0 in the house and 38-0 in the senate.

Why is this taking so long to be accepted and acted upon in most parts of Europe?

via Rep. Mills: Child custody change helps level playing field

A Broken System: Oaths Betrayed In Family Law


This article from the Huff Post ties in with what I and probably many have experienced. The lack of honesty in the family court. Lies of course, but also non-observance of judges rulings etc.

I even managed to get the child care professionals and the social services to agree with me that circumventing a court order for access is in fact teaching the children that they can ‘bend’ the law – it didn’t help.

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