Parental Alienation – My take

This will be the start of a regular blog series aimed at absent parents – either at the start of a break-up, or at the end of parental alienation, where they are suffering the full weight of their own children not only disowning them, but also despising them.

The series will try to cover most aspects of ongoing or completed parental alienation from a survivors point of view. Planned themes are:

  • What exactly is Parental Alienation?
  • Found your own support group
  • Coping with the “other father”
  • Coming to terms with the environment you are in (Social services, legal etc.)
  • What to tell the children
  • Coming to terms with reality (you are rarely in charge of the situation)
  • Keeping the relationship with your children
  • Do the children return as adults?
  • Your wellbeing, it doesn’t help anyone to give up on yourself
  • When to “give up”, and how it means “never give up”
  • and many more …. I have been through a lot, and read even more on the subject.

I am now in the situation where my children do not want anything of me … “We have a better father than you”. I believe that through these articles I may be able to help those in the same situation. Because the one thing that got me through the actions of my abusive ex-wife are the help and advice of friends and counsellors – and to be frank, anyone that listened, as well as any relevant articles on the internet. So it is time to give something back.

© lost dad 2017

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