Keep Loving the Lost Ones-Karen Woodall

From Karen Woodall:

Karen Woodall

It is coming close to Christmas, a time so many of you dread, in these days, keep heart, keep faith and keep on believing in yourself as the healthy parent to your children, because you are.  After another year of working with alienated children, in which I have seen again in their faces, the truth of what alienation does to them and what it causes in them, believe me that they need you because they do. As each drawn and worried face has been transformed into happy, confident smiles, I have renewed again my faith and belief in the work that I do, why I do it and what it achieves for children.  I have also renewed my knowledge that you, the lost parent, are the best hope for your child’s healthier and happier future.  I don’t have time to write much this week as I have many things to…

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