Tory MP calls for strict enforcement of child arrangement orders

Excellent news here in the UK parliament. A couple of weeks ago PA was debated, now we have a private member’s bill being put forward by an engaged tory MP  (and supported by several of her party) to change the law regarding enforcement of child arrangement orders.

Hopefully, it will get to the next stage. If not it is still raising awareness of the issue of PA and parents blocking access of the non-resident parent to the children.

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Hansard – Parental Alienation

Full text of the debate yesterday in parliament about PAS. Mainly positive remarks, but no real movement on the side of the department of justice.

Quotable remarks from the debate:

Danzuck: Despite those shocking statistics, the United Kingdom lags behind many other countries across the world in addressing the issue. Parental alienation is not recognised in the lower courts and, although the higher courts acknowledge that parental alienation occurs, many family rights campaigners feel the courts do nothing about it. Although there have been small steps in the right direction, progress in the UK has been far too slow.

Fernades: Does he agree with Mr Justice Munby, as he then was—he is now president of the family division of the High Court and has judged many family cases involving contact disputes—that the cause of these problems is delay in the court system, the failure of the courts to challenge groundless allegations against non-resident fathers and the failure of the courts to get to grips with defiance of contact orders and child arrangement orders and to properly enforce against breach? Does he agree that that is the core of some of the problems?  (my emphasis)

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Parents who use children as a weapon in break-up ‘should be punished in court’

Very interesting story here about the first ever debate in the British parliament about Parental Alienation. Proposed by the independent (form. Labour) MP Simon Danczuk.  I hope he will continue to pursue this cause as well as he did with the child abuse/Cyril Smith scandal.

I will keep you posted as to the outcome.

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