The best way to hurt a father is to hurt his child

An old post, but still as pertinent as ever.

Daddy don't you walk so fast


Surprisingly women in the US and UK only gained the right to vote in the 1920s. I say surprisingly because discrimination on this scale is abhorrent to us now.

Of course, sexist discrimination continued, despite the breakthroughs in voting rights and most of us can still recall the post-war eras when stereotypes about man as wage earner and woman as home maker persisted. The stereotypes were arguably as abusive.

Discrimination and inequality still exists, but it’s endangered as it’s fair to say that we’re a more enlightened generation, aided by emancipated communication channels and education. No longer is it acceptable, or legal, to denigrate women on the basis of gender and abuse within and beyond relationships. Legislation has adapted to ensure that women’s rights are protected within the family unit. Great news for society.

But does this mean that men, manhood, fatherhood and marriage have also benefited, as expected?

There are many similarities…

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