Peace at Last

Poignant story from btg-dad on what it really means to be a father

Lee Serpa Azevado


There are numerous behaviours one can ‘get away with’ by being a Dad. No, I am not referring to childbirth, nor am I referring to parental alienation.

For example I love climbing trees, however it is not deemed socially acceptable for a grown man to walk over a forest alone and then proceed to climb trees and hang upside in joyous celebration of such an achievement.

“One of these days Daddy, you are going to fall over for real!”

I have also never pretended to trip up ‘slap-stick’ style when only in my own company. Prior to being alienated from my three young children I would ‘trip up’ without fail every time I would serve them their evening meal at the dinner table. Each time would result in the same responses; my youngest child G, giggling loudly each time, appearing as if she would never tire of such tomfoolery. My…

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