Everybody Hurts

Lee Serpa Azevado

In 1992 R.E.M. released their eighth studio album Automatic for the People. Back then I was a mere 18 years of age, livingand growing up in North London.During this time my friends and I would meet outside the local offy (off licence/liquor store)every Friday evening prior to ‘going out on the piss’. Due to there being no mobile phones or social mediaback then we would always meet at the same time and at the sameoffyevery Friday evening. The evening would start with us allexcitedly bundlinginto the offy and each purchasing an alcoholic beverage or two; asomewhat undignified aperitif designed to moisten the palette for the night ahead.For most of us, thebiggest worry back thenwould have beenthe post pubescent issue of being asked for ID in front of your friends when attempting to buy alcohol.Anyoneasked for ID due to the misfortune of looking underage would subsequently be subjected…

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