Kelly Rutherford – Parental Alienation is why her kids live in France

Family Abduction Watch

We recently learned that actress Kelly Rutherford (Gossip Girl) and her well-know celebrity attorney Wendy Murphy are once again on the media circuit telling the story that Kelly Rutherford was victimized by the U.S. Courts. Could Kelly Rutherford that has to fly to France for custody time with her children be the new celebrity activists for the anti-family court groups?

What is not being reported or acknowledged by Kelly Rutherford or her attorney, even in her Dr. Phil interview below is that she engaged in parental alienation during the custody dispute. We noticed that even when she appeared on the Nancy Grace Show with Nancy’s pal Wendy Murphy, the discussion of “parental alienation” was not a topic that was discussed (when would any topic be off the table with Nancy Grace?)

Here are some reports on her case:

National Parents Organization

“During their divorce and custody case, Rutherford…

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