Unbelievable story from Austria with a Happy End

Unbelievable story from Austria.

A mother kidnaps her daughter and takes her to her native Poland in December 2013, but the father manages to bring her back to Austria. He gets full custody for the daughter.

In October 2014 the partner of the father is attacked with pepper spray as she brings the daughter to the Kindergarten. She obviously brings her daughter to the grandmother in Polen and then after an international arrest order is issued the mother hands herself into the police. Leaving her daughter in Poland with the grandmother.

She is given a three-year jail sentence, which she is then able to serve out in Poland, where she is released on bail after a short while.

After following her they manage to find out where the daughter has been hidden (one of three hiding places in the time). They manage to free the daughter from the hiding place that is only rudimentary.

What on earth was this parent thinking of? The girl has not been to school in this time. Probably not even been to the doctors!

Luckily the alienation between the father and the daughter was able to be broken down a little after a couple of visits.

And after all this, the father still believes that when the dust has settled his daughter should see her mother.

Every child needs both their parents.

via Kritik an Behörden – Doppelentführung – Kind Lara gefunden! | Familie & Familienrecht

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