No More Visits to the Local Contact Centre

Fortunately I did not have the false allegations. But we could be telling the same story 😦

Lee Serpa Azevado

Apart from one hour spent with my youngest child at a Contact Centre six weeks ago, my ex-partner continues to prevent me from seeing my three children. I last had contact with all three of my children just over 8 months ago. The amount of money spent by both my ex-partner and myself is probably now nearing £10,000. I have also overcome unfounded safeguarding concerns against me. My ex-partner’s intention is to keep my children away from me and my intention is to co-parent.

Numerous interventions and contact sessions were ordered by a recent Court Order. My ex-partner shrewdly attended each session/intervention with the children in attendance. However she refused to enter the premises of each location on every occasion, and on each occasion ‘blamed’ the children for their ‘refusal to see me.’ My ex-partner has now breached most of these Court Orders with no legal consequences currently being placed on her.  All planned interventions have since been halted…

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