Forgetting the past (sometimes)

I haven’t written or posted for the last couple of days for a reason. I have enjoyed half-term with my new family.

I think while it is important never to forget the past and its injustices, it is also important to concentrate on the present and enjoy what it has to offer. I am enormously lucky to have met a wonderful woman, who brought her 8-year old son with her into our relationship. I effectively have a new family. While she understands more than most what I have endured in the past, it is important for me and our new relationship to enjoy the present and plan the future.

When writing blogs like this, posting on other websites, the aim is never to lose sight of what happened in the past. Never to forget, just in case somebody does want to hear your story, or if it makes a contribution – no matter how small – to getting the law changed. But this also means reliving the abuse on a daily basis in order to document it. But living in the past all the time denies you a future. And God knows we the abused deserve it.

So this week we have been to the Pinakothek der Moderne here in Munich, and also spent a day in Stuttgart (special request from Felix), travelling down with the ICE train and then with the S-Bahn to the Porche Museum. Probably more Porches there than in King Fauds garage. And Felix knew them practically all by name. I did lose a few bets that day I can tell you! Afterwards we went to another modern art museum in the centre. There was another exhibit like the one in the Pinakothek – a 2m square block of rape seed on the floor. It was hard work suppressing a sneeze 🙂

So I believe it is important to keep telling the story, but also allow for time out for the present, and the people you love.

I will keep telling my story – that is for certain.


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